Aug 7, 2013

wednesday blues

 you guys

i just wanna lay down

and have someone rub my belly.

i am exhausted.  my legs are sore

my shoulders are crying.

kicking it into high gear - running back to back to back days is really taking its toll

and jillian and her ripped in 30 isn't helping.

but i'm just gonna keep on chugging along.

in other news

my facebook feed is blowing up with "first day of school photos"

and i'm all like "how do you have a 3rd grader already?" and i'm doing the math in my head

and i realize i'm just old.

and also on a related note

my aunt, who teaches, calls me the other day sighing about school starting back

and having to go back to work

bisssh please.

my mom and aunt are both teachers- and i respect the profession and know they put up with more 'ish than they contractually should for like zero extra dollars

but, honey please

don't come whining to me when your summer break is over.

here in accounting world we get zero breaks

and actually have to plan any vacations around month end, physical inventories, year end, and multiple audits (6 this year)

which leaves like 1 week in february.

to recap: i'm tired and cranky, feeling old, and in need of a vacation i have zero vacation days and free time to take.

hug me.


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