Aug 19, 2013

it's the fair ya'll

obligatory whine about the weekend being over

we got it started with some preseason football

and trying to hulk woodford up in our arms

he's such a big boy now!

saturday i was up at the crack of dawn for my 4 miler

i was as slow as usual, but i was feeling really good

instead of an out and back i decided to do the 5 mile loop and just walk the last mile

knowing that i got to walk that last mile really pushed myself to finish the 4 miles

and before i knew it, it was over with!

all that hard work paid off sunday

 when bill and i headed to the kentucky state fair

where i promised myself a krispy kreme burger (i am much too wimpy to even think about the sloppy donut)

it was basically everything i imagined

and tasted like the worst possible thing you can ingest for your body.

bill didn't think it tasted too bad...

and since a burger sandwiched between 2 donuts isn't enough

 bill and i shared a pineapple whip

which was ahhhmazing - pineapple flavored soft serve heaven.

we wondered around for a few hours before heading back home to soak up the last of the weekend on the couch with toy story 3.

and as you can tell from the photo above and this one here

i'm rocking a lovely squirrel tail again

but just until this evening!

chop chop!  i will have short hair once again!

which means i will spend my lunch break looking at short hair photos, bring in a picture, and come out with the same haircut i always get

wish me luck - as this will be the 4th person at the same salon who has cut my hair.

i'm a rebel.


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