Aug 12, 2013

weekend, workouts, and football


i started the morning out on the right foot

running shoes on

music ready

started my 5 minute warm up

and then i got those low belly cramps where i thought i was going to go potty right there in the street

instead of running 3 miles, as planned this morning

i did an awkward shuffle walk back to the house in the biggest hurry of my life

so i would not, in fact, poop my pants.

thank goodness it was still dark out.

i was able to get a couple of miles of walking in afterwards

but now i get to spend the rest of my day dreading running 3 miles in the heat.

i WILL get it done.

i just don't want to.

so let's go ahead and re-cap last week's workouts!

Monday: 3 mile run + ripped in 30 DVD
Tuesday: 3 mile run + ripped in 30 DVD
Wednesday : 3 mile run (and no dvd - back to back running days were getting to me)
Thursday: REST hallelujah! but i walked for a total of 3.5 miles and did the ripped in 30
Friday: 3 mile run on the hilly route! (and slacked on the DVD)

Saturday:  "long" run of 4 miles - i dreaded it all morning.  i took woodford out to walk and realized it was soooo humid.  i came in and sat on the couch texting bill (who was working) complaining about maybe just doing my run later in the day.  he basically told me to get off my butt and get moving.

by this time it was close to 10 am - i HATE running when the sun is already up -but it was overcast

i slowly put on my gear, and got my music ready

i wanted my 5 minute warm up to last forever

but before i knew it, it was time to run

and i was off

the overcast skies lessened the heat

unfortunately, not even a mile in

it started raining

my metaphorical dark cloud/bad mood had turned into a physical one

which followed me most of the 4 miles.

but actually, i love running in a summer rain shower.

it sure beats the heat! 

i just wish i had worn a hat so i could have seen better

i chose an out and back path - and i felt really strong

the first 2 miles i was running at a faster than normal pace and wasn't feeling heavy or tired

i also met a friend

he passed me, but whatever...

i was at my turn around point before i knew it!

and just so you know, i run in the country!  well, it's country for louisville

on this particular path i'm always saying hay to horses, and dodging trucks pulling trailers of horses.

the 2 miles back to the house weren't as easy - the rain had let up a bit and the sun was trying to come out = hot steamy humid mess

my clothes were soggy and wet

and in general i wasn't comfortable

i took a couple of walking breaks before telling myself to suck it up and get home to shower

so glad to have it over with for the weekend!

sunday: was a rest day - so that meant walking woodford while bill ran 5 miles

and then dropping woodford off at his cousins cooper and kia's (thanks kim and nick!)

so mommy and daddy could go see some bill's football

at the colt's stadium

it's a heck of a lot better than driving to buffalo!

i know it's only a preseason game, but bills won 44-20

and it was also promising to see some young talent so perhaps i won't have to watch bill pout every sunday this season

i also decided it was time i get my own bill's fan wear - this outfit just didn't cut it!

to recap

1. i ran
2. i did ripped in 30 some
3. bills win!
4. i almost pooped my pants this morning
5. i get to spend the next 6.5 hours dreading coming home to run

happy monday!


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