May 28, 2013

long weekend

i am completely sun soaked

many hours this weekend were spent like this

which meant this was well deserved
we logged several miles on the bikes this weekend - and really got out and explored on sunday

checking out the beatersville car show

cruising through the highlands

stopping at THE cutest lunch spot (ema lou's) - which was fantastically girly and tea-party esque - but bill didn't mind since they had benedictine sandwiches on the menu

they also had iced mint tea which is basically the best thing ever after riding several miles

we headed back to the waterfront - and i love seeing people rent these bike-mobiles - they look like so much fun

and soaked up probably too much sun

i've got lots of interesting tan lines now -including whale tails on my feet.

monday we woke up bright and early to participate in the mayor's hike, bike, and paddle

the crowd was huge - i've never seen so many bikes in one place!

i managed to miss a good picture of all the "elite" cyclists taking off

we decided to bike with the newbies and families - since we had a big group...and we weren't in any hurry to complete the 16.5 miles

the ride was nice and easy - but still long, so it felt amazing to be at the finish line

we packed a picnic and enjoyed in the shade

even after 16.5 miles, i couldn't resist wanting to ride some more - near the waterfront and up on the big four bridge before we left

but we had to leave eventually to make it to a cookout

where i got to nervously hold a baby

twin #1 - aka - lydianne - was totally cool though and just slept. 

which i came home and did the same thing.  i was in bed by 9 pm and i slept so hard!  sun+bike really took it out of me

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