May 20, 2013

weekend update

it's monday morning and i'm not only tired

but i'm a bit burnt and sore

all signs of a good weekend.

saturday bill and i got up for the waggin' trail 5k

and since it was a race to benefit the humane society, woodford came along too

he was sufficiently worn out by the time we got home...

we spent the evening celebrating our friends' birthdays and sitting around a bonfire.

i stayed out much too late, but was up at 8 sunday morning to finally test out our bike rack

we attached the rack to the hitch, did a couple of test drives, and drove the few miles to the trail head

this was my first time getting out on the open portion of the louisville loop

and i was pleasantly surprised. 

the trail is completely paved with signage and mile markers throughout

the section we did was mostly flat which made for a very easy and comfortable ride, despite the heat

the trail also offered directions and bathroom facilities

my only real complaint was the lack of water fountains.  we passed one early on and mentioned how nice that was, but after a few miles we decided to stop at a park for some water and were disappointed to find out the fountains weren't working/turned on?

bill thought they turned them off in the winter, but i would think my mid-may they would have them back on

so a heads up - if you're heading out to run or bike the trail to come prepared

we biked about 8.5 miles out before decided to turn around (we were thirsty...and hungry)

i had saw a convenient store back a couple of miles

where bill ran in to grab a couple of waters

after a short break we headed towards our motivation

mike linnigs restaurant to enjoy some fish

and multiple ice waters (it was 90+ degrees out)

after lunch, we were shortly back to our car - about 17 miles round trip

not too shabby for our first bike trip outside of the neighborhood!

the ride felt effortless during, but by the time we got home we realized how sore we were...

and despite applying lots of sunscreen, i managed to miss the tops of my hands?

so after a day out riding, and being sun soaked

we both practically crashed on the couch - and eventually got in bed around 9...

i was out like a light.

and still feel like i'm trying to recover this morning

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