May 17, 2013


does anyone else play the lottery?

i typically only play when the pot is HUGE

i just get caught up in the excitement and the "what-ifs" that i feel suckered into buying at least one ticket.

i then spend the next few hours day dreaming.

and because i'm an accountant i like spreadsheets

clearly i've thought this out.

i based this on the jackpot being 600 million and the cash payout being half

family were defined as those i see and talk to the most often. 

friends are those that i stay in touch with on a weekly basis.

i've left a little wiggle room for "gifts" for family and friends i see less often.

and i would definitely give money to the humane society and my alma mater

i can't even imagine ever having that much money - so distributing the amounts just seems unreal

i always said that if i won the lottery i wouldn't buy a huge house - but i think i would have a small farm here in kentucky to be near family

even though funds would be unlimited, any new car that i would actually want to drive would probably still be under 40,000 (of course, bill would want a fully restored 70's trans am...which still, costs like 30,000???) so so weird thinking of such a huge sum of money

after the larger purchases were made i'm pretty sure bill and i would still live a normal life.

i would want a small farm, i would want to foster some abandoned dogs as well as spend most of my days volunteering at the humane society.

bill and i would probably spend a few months out of the year traveling - and hopefully one big family vacation a year

we would go to every buffalo bill's football game - although, i would really like for them to have a winning season, or else that could get really depressing.

i gave us a yearly allowance of $100,000 - which with no mortgage i can't even imagine spending that much a year.

i think it would be important to put a yearly spending limit - just to stay grounded as much as possible.

there's still close to 200 million left in my speadsheet, but i would want that to be my legacy - for future generations - nieces, nephews, my own children - and their future children.

so if you don't hear from me monday, i won :)  and am busy making travel plans

what would you do with 600 million $s??

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