May 2, 2013

da bebes

i'm an aunt!

well technically, i was an aunt before.

but nephew wesley was already around before i started dating bill, so it used to feel weird to be considered his aunt - even though i've been around for a majority of his life now - and i love that wesley knows me as aunt rachel -and bill and i made it official last october (my heart melted when my BIL referred to me as AUNT to wesley the first time)

but now i feel like i'm being properly anointed into aunt-hood by getting to be there when the babies were born.

mommy and daddy are doing great - the babies are big and healthy!

Lydianne was born at 3:21 pm by c-section on May 1st 2013 and weighing 6.5 lbs

and her younger brother, Joshua, was born at 3:24 weighing 6.1 lbs

seeing matt come out from delivery to tell us we could come back was so emotional.  he had tears in his eyes and was such a proud papa.

i couldn't wait to go back and meet my niece and nephew

of course, i got instantly nervous to hold either of them

but their uncle bill picked Lydianne up like a pro

uncle bill let Lydianne know that she wouldn't be dating for a very long time

and i held mr Joshua and was so thankful he didn't cry while i did - i owe you, kid

i can't believe the twins are already here, but i am so thankful that they are - and i cannot wait to watch them grow up!

Lydianne and Joshua - you will already adore your uncle bill, because he's pretty great, but go easy on me while i learn what a swaddle is.

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