May 9, 2013

summer fruits

you know how i know today is going to be a good day?

i topped my oats off this morning with a dollop of

heaven on earth.


i spent my evening last night washing and chopping berries

i've really been in the mood for fresh fruit

and am super excited that my favorite farmer's market's opening day is this saturday!

 Beargrass marquee 2

i've been eyeing a few recipe finds for my fruit obsession :

strawberry freezer jam  +Marie LeBaron

sweet cream and berries @thepioneerwoman

blueberry greek yogurt banana bread (because i have some pretttty ripe nanners) @dailygarnish

and don't get me started on the veggies....i brought my MEATLESS cookbook with me to work today to flip through to get some possible inspiration for weekend cooking and lunches for next week.

i think i say this at the beginning of each new season - but for real, i'm excited for summer to roll in to town.

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