May 6, 2013

fillies, juleps, sunburns and more

oh man

i feel like i've been away from this space for so long now

i spent friday at the track

i laid out my pink dress for the Oaks

and olivia thought she would press it for me

we had GORGEOUS weather for Oaks

i even won a bit of money

which paid for my $11 mint julep and $10 hamburger...i broke even for the day - so i consider that a success!

i did get completely burnt - which left me feeling less than steller - but the warm weather was great

too bad it was the only good weather to be had the rest of the weekend

bill and i were forced to stay indoors

which made for a perfect excuse to bake

apple pie from scratch - bill helped me core, peel, and slice the apples - and i made the crust.

delicious!  served with vanilla ice cream!

we woke up sunday morning to more rain and cool temps - and after being boarded up saturday - we ventured out to the movies

my favorite time to go to the movies is EARLY

so the first showing of iron man 3 was at 10 am.

we were there.  and surprisingly so were a lot of other people. 

i won't give anything away - but the slight twist in the story kind of disappointed me

the movie was good- though, i didn't necessarily like it any better than the other iron man's

after the movie we headed down to the highlands for what was supposed to be an after derby street party

unfortunately it looked like the colder rainy weather scared people away

we wondered in a few of the shops while we were there

 where i talked myself out of getting one of everything

i'm regretting not purchasing these the most...

did you go to the oaks or derby or go to any parties?  any cinco de mayonnaise parties?  make tacos? (we totally made culturally aware)

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