May 29, 2013

comfort over style

i don't know if it's evident or not on here

but bill and i are rarely at home on the weekends

we chose to be out and about - even more so now that the weather has warmed up

and because the weather is warm, i'm almost always in a flip flop


but you know what

flip flops are not comfortable to walk in very far

at least not for me

and this is where i start sounding like an old granny

the flip flops are too flat and not enough support

and my hips start hurting if we walk further than a couple of miles

which is easy to do when meandering through a festival

or walking from the parking lot to a store - don't even get me started on bill's neurosis which makes him park in the very back corner of any parking lot in hopes that no ones parks near him - nevermind that the edge has hail damage currently... 

and i refuse to wear running/tennis shoes unless i am actually running

so my wish list in a summer shoe summed up:

good for walking
neutral in color
and comfortable

(gone are the days where i was willing to suffer in 3" peep toed heel)

so basically i wanted a memaw shoe that was all about comfort

you know...a good pair of SAS shoes.

just kidding.

kind of. 

i mean, i like for my toes to be free in the summer!

do they make SAS sandals?

i don't want to know.

actually, i just googled them

not quite, what i was looking for

and if you wear SAS sandals, totally not hating

i have my own issues.

so i went in search of a comfortable sandal

and i came away with these


they bring back fond memories of college.

in a small liberal arts college.

yay mountains

down with "the man"

lots of pot (NOT mine.  really.)

and it's not like my tan lines on my feet can get much worse

but perhaps a lot more interesting.

ok so enough pictures of feet.

until next weekend.

and i may or may not be in the market for a fanny pack

and blublockers


i'm out.

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