May 16, 2013

throwback thursday

maybe it's the warmer temps

maybe it's the fact that memorial day is just around the corner

or perhaps it's the fact that i'm stuck indoors and a beach and a beer sound fabulous but are nowhere in sight

so i thought i'd do a throwback thursday post

i believe it's been about 2 years ago this month (maybe next?) that bill and i took our first vacation together - we had been dating for about...7 months? at this point

we flew down to ft lauderdale florida together - and then stayed in west palm beach for a week

we had so much fun - doing what we love to do

being outdoors and enjoying a beer

and taking in a baseball game in the old marlin's/current dolphin's stadium- which we scored free tickets to!

but of course, those free tickets were in the miami...and we sweated profusely

and the $7 beers only managed to lighten our pockets

we also happened to meet the away team (tampa bay) and i snapped a few shots of johnny damon and evan longoria (not pictured here)

thinking back on our trip - we never had anything planned.  we just did.  we wound up in random places and made the most of it

and that's kind of how we are today - we're not much on planning - which probably explains why we threw tradition to the wind and got married on a beach

who can resist sandy feet?

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