May 2, 2013

throwback thursday

bill and i were looking at pictures the other day

and i thought it would be fun to do a throwback thursday post

of my big boy woodford...who was once so little

 this was the day we picked him up from animal control

 he was nothing but 4 legs and two big floppy ears

 but i remember bill and i thinking he was so big! 

 i had thought he was pretty much grown, except for some filling out

 which is quite ridiculous, if you've seen him lately

 he was 6-8 months old when we adopted him

 and i remember wishing he had more "feathers" on him like brittany's i saw in pictures

turns out his smooth coat was just due to him being a baby

he's so furry and feathery now!...and about 20 lbs heavier

somethings don't change though

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