May 15, 2013

home gym


my living room looked like this last night

and i was all like

but thanks to my excellent reading skills

---i'm kidding

it was 100% due in whole to my wonderful husband who listens really well to me

and is pretty good at turning an allen wrench

we were able to accomplish this

ta-da!  meet...AhhhNahhld - i just named it...and that was my austrian accent

it only took us 2 hours...

but none the less - i have an elliptical now.  and now i watch the morning news on it instead of laying in bed.

or at least i did this morning - but that's the goal.

i dropped my gym membership last year- it really doesn't make sense for us to pay $60 a month to use a few weights and a couple of machines.

i like the elliptical when i'm not in the mood to go outside and run - and i love having free weights at the house to lift while watching the real housewives.

we were so tired last night after assembling

and then hauling this mess to the dumpster

that i didn't christen ahhnahhld with sweat until this morning.

it feels good to have gotten a workout before sitting on my ass all day at work!

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