May 13, 2013

weekend happenings

anyone else counting down the days to memorial day weekend?

when nice weather rolls around i swear the weekends go by twice as fast

the weather this weekend was tolerable; the rain held off, and it didn't get too cool out

but the skies did stay grey most of saturday

i made sure to make it to the opening day of my favorite farmer's market

and came away with 2 tomatoes and a bunch of asparagus.

the tomatoes, obviously hot house ones, still taste DELICIOUS - i'm savoring each slice - and will buy more next weekend.

sunday the sun came out, but didn't warm up much past 60

but that made it the perfect weather to be wearing a sweatshirt on a bike   !!!

we took off down the road (on a WIDE shoulder) and cruised along for about 3 miles

stopped for something to drink, and turned around and pedaled back to cruise around the neighborhood

we covered about 7-8 miles in an hour - nothing crazy - we both probably would have liked to have ridden longer, but without helmets or a clear path - plus plans for mother's day, we needed to get back home.

one of the major things holding us back from longer bikes rides - is the ability to pack up and take our bikes to the waterfront and other parks

so - i remedied that this morning

meet the swagman xc!

our local bike store recommended this brand - and thanks to the power of amazon prime free 2 day shipping - it should be here wednesday!

i'm also searching helmets right now, as well as a few accessories :)

happy trails!

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