May 17, 2013


oh yeah!

it's friday!

let's celebrate!

the top 5 things i'm excited about this week!

this guy (ahhnahhld) is put together and i've actually been using it...and sweating profusely while watching the housewives.  it's been fun.

no need to worry about bill and i biking unsafely anymore - both of our helmets came in this week!

(bill said mine reminded him of a storm trooper...)

3. piggybacking on #2 - our bike rack came in this week!

I spent a good amount of my evening trying to figure it out :(  but it's assembled and ready to be attached to the hitch.  and of course - the forecast is calling for rain tonight and all weekend.  we WILL find a way to bike outside of the neighborhood this weekend!

4.  i guess this one is kind of sad, but i loved last night's finale of the office.

i laughed

The Office: Finale

i laughed some more

and i also cried.  oh my goodness i cried.

and i swear if it does rain all weekend i'm going to pop some popcorn and sit and watch hours and hours of previous seasons of the office on hulu.

5.  i'm not going to let the potential for rain ruin my evening

i'm surfing over on king arthur flour trying to decide on a pizza crust for tonight's dinner

my favorite pizza toppings are easily onion and peppers - but maybe i'll get creative with some chicken and switch up the red sauce?

try and stay dry this weekend!  and we'll catch up on monday :)

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