Oct 29, 2013

weekend we-cap

so what does 1 year of marriage look like?

well if you're my friend on facebook or instagram

you'd know it was full of booze and pumpkins

 bill and i took to the road for a short roadtrip to lawrenceburg

we've never been to the wild turkey distillery 

and it was probably one of the shorter tours

which is fine by me - because the real reason to do the tour?

the shot(s) of bourbon at the end!

wild turkey has a new (to me?) spiced bourbon out - which was still very bourbon-y with lots of vanilla and spice

i think it would be awesome in egg nog or apple cider

anyways - the real reason we were headed out

to get a pumpkin!

so after a shot of bourbon, we headed to boyds orchards

originally the weather was supposed to be sunny and cool - an awesome autumn day

but we were stuck with this gloomy mess - at least it wasn't raining


so maybe i got wider but not much taller - same haircut though!

so we came away with...

a tiny pumpkin for the counter. womp womp

after driving back home and celebrating our anniversary with a bourbon

i was too tired to actually go to dinner

we had debated several places to eat - and many places in town were having their halloween festivities

but really i just didn't feel like straying far from home

and thus

we spent our 1 year anniversary dinner going to wal-mart to pick up toilet paper, instead

and ordering pizza

- these two aren't really related - we were just out of toilet paper

romantic right?

consumed on the couch, watching hocus pocus

for the win!

and it was prefect.

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