Oct 21, 2013

weekend warrior

after what was a very rainy summer

i am completely over the rain

it has now ruined one of my most favorite weekends of the year

the glendale crossing festival was saturday - hundreds of craft booths + kettle corn

i can eat my weight in kettle corn

and i didn't get to experience any of it :(

so what's a girl to do?

go shopping in-doors it seems.

i had actually stopped at old navy friday because i was sick of my pants not fitting (they were all too loose)

and i felt like a slob every time i went out

so i headed over to old navy, picked up a dozen items all in smaller sizes WHOOP!

and headed to the dressing room

i came home with this outfit - the "diva" pants in a dark wash denim, a t shirt, and a boyfriend cardigan (bill was so kind to take my picture...next to the cat food)

there were several other pieces i liked, but was only committed to spending so much

i am also hoping to be in a smaller pair of pants in another couple of months - so no need to invest in too many new pieces! - right?!

so on a vanity high - i headed for the malls

where i looked and looked...

and only came away with this

how appropriate for a rainy day mess - a tiny umbrella ring holder.

i'm constantly complaining about a place to put my jewelry at night

and at $8 - this was probably the cheapest thing in anthropologie.

also - i'm buying a fancy party dress from anthropologie come november - no matter what size i am, i'm going to treat myself to something sparkly and pretty. 

bill was such a good sport - spending his saturday at the mall and not complaining when i wanted to go in every store

so i treated him to buffalo wild wings - basically the grown man version of mcdonalds.

a quick trip to the halloween store and trader joes - we were back home for the evening

where lots of lounging took place

seriously guys

get a room.

sunday - i paid the ultimate price for dragging my husband to 2 malls and one shopping center

football - all. day. long.

even woodford settled in for the long haul.

but i didn't mind too much

i got to finish baby H's blanket - wove in the ends after this picture was taken

i'm off to michaels on lunch today to pick up more yarn for another blanket - i'm hoping to get a few done for everyone who expressed interest in one!

until next time!


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