Oct 22, 2013

knit happens

let's get down to business


1. tuesday is the most productive work day


2.  i bought 3 lbs of cheez-its at sams this weekend, so i'm in a pretty good/cheesy mood

3. i opened my own etsy shop, that you can't even shop in, because i haven't listed anything, because i'm in the process of making things.  duh.  but even though i'm only planning on selling to a few facebook friends right now, i thought having a way to show off the goods/pay for the items would be great.

so there's that - you can search for my profile a la etsy - the shop name being "ah lavache"

4. what is "ah lavache?" you ask.  well as you can imagine there are hundreds of really cute sheep named stores on etsy having to do with wool and knits.

ah lavache in french translates into "oh the cow!" which would kind of be like saying "oh my gosh!" in english.  but "oh the cow!" is pretty funny, and the next best animal to a sheep is obviously a cow.

and, thus, by the transitive property - cows and knitting were born sole mates.


5.  i have, indeed cast-on another chevron baby blanket

it's not the exact colors of the last one, due to not being able to even find the same colors within 2 weeks of shopping for the last blanket.  ugh.  BUT - it think this one is going to be really pretty.  i have a couple of ladies who will get first dibs, but if they say nay i will list it on etsy.  and if you are eying a chevron blankey - i'm really hoping to crank out 1 a week throughout the weeks leading up to the holidays.  or at least until my hands are arthritic and crippled.

6.  i should have left this list @5 - because 6 is an odd list number, amiright?


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