Oct 31, 2013

happy halloween!

happy halloween!!!

Happy halloween wallpaper hd Wallpaper

i love halloween!  it's quite easily my favorite holiday

and october is hands-down my favorite month - and this is like the big party to get you sugar-hyped up for thanksgiving and christmas

so while i'm extra excited that i have tomorrow off (which translates to - watch all the slightly scary movies!)

i'm super bummed the weather isn't cooperating around here (massive storms)


anyways, i thought i'd do my typical friday post today - 'cause i'm definitely not logging onto anything tomorrow! 

except, ya know, to take pictures of my starbucks order at 10 am and post to instagram

and speaking of - are you on instagram, can we be friends?  i feel so self-centered posting pictures all the dang time to facebook, and really, i only log in to facebook for the pictures.  so let's both be less creepy and use instagram?  - @rachelottman

ok, so friday post on thursday - let's do this.

1.  did you dress up for work/school today?  our office had a casual/costume day - and i just never had time make a decent costume - womp womp

so...i found the tiniest witches hat on sale at michaels - it seriously looks like a party hat...but i'm a witch. duh. (also, i still look pretty sleepy there)

2.  i've been on a BIG tea kick lately.  i think it's the cooler weather - i can justify coffee in the mornings in warm weather - but drinking hot tea doesn't appeal to me unless it's under 70 degrees outside.  my favorite right now is either chai spice or pumpkin spice
which both, by the way, taste AHHHHmazing with sugar free pumpkin spice creamer

oh and ps...i just discovered they make this

i need to find this...

3.  i FINALLY opened my etsy shop.  and the first item already has a potential buyer so it's being held...but it's open!

i hope you keep me in mind when you want to give a personal gift to an expecting mother to be

ah lavache on etsy

4.  i really want to sit on my couch and watch scary movies all night long - but cable wants to air nightmare on elm street 5


i want all the classics tonight.  not all 100 remakes.  hopefully hulu to the rescue? 

5.  i know i just pledged my allegiance to halloween and the month of october

but this happened a couple of days ago while knitting
that's pandora playing...christmas music

hashtag sorry.  hashtag not sorry.

soo...when can we put up our trees??

have a spooky evening!


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