Oct 15, 2013


i created a list of 30 goals to achieve before hitting the round number of 30 years old

you can read the whole list here

first - i am so exhausted

i had a work trip that i left for friday morning (3am)

my first time flying to the west coast

and surprisingly it went pretty well

we had a layover in dallas

before hopping back on the plane for 3 hours to our destination of corona california

work was work - but thankfully i have a fun boss and we travel very well together

so there were a few extra hours to explore near our hotel

we are also awesome at physical inventories

and were able to have this one wrapped up saturday night so we had all day sunday to play

which meant i would get to cross #10 off my list of 30 before 30

see the pacific ocean

we drove up to hermosa beach and walked around a bit

i was actually pretty surprised at how deep the beaches were - sand for days!

i was also surprised to see people actually in the water too

the pier reported that it was about 64 degrees...wayyyyy to cold for me!

i posed for an obligatory photo - and then my foot was stuck in something very sticky.  i'm going to pretend it wasn't fishing related.

after walking around for a bit, we decided to make our way down to huntington beach

and made sure to get ice cream and the souvenir t shirt.

it was a short trip, and being there for work didn't lend us much time to seek out great restaurants or shops

but for my first time on the west coast - i cannot wait to be back!  and next time have bill along with me!


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