Oct 9, 2013

midweek musings

it's one of those busy weeks for me - month end

and preparing to fly out for another physical inventory (california)

so i just feel kind of consumed with work

i should be more concerned with running right now

but i've been super consumed with reading when i'm not working

amazon just gets me

and by gets me

they stalk my searches and must know i'm a tight wad.

after searching GONE GIRL 25 times and opting not to spend $11 on the kindle book each time

i log on yesterday to see a new markdown!


i feel like the last person in the world to read the book

and at $4.99 i couldn't NOT read it.

so i downloaded it yesterday afternoon

and before bed i had read about 20%

i couldn't put it down

i'm hoping i don't tear through it before my trip so i will have something good to read on the plane

i'm also chugging along on some knitting projects

if only i was talented enough to read and knit at the same time

i would be unstoppable!

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