Oct 25, 2013

aw yis!

it's the freakin weekend

let's get down to it!

1.  this time last year i was here (key west FL)

but on october 27th 2012 - i became an ottman!

2.  yesterday i got my ears lowered

and went from this:

to this:

3.  i might have spent some time on pinterest yesterday....and i might have been looking at clothes...

and, like, every pin looked like this - from this website

fall layers - black leggings, chambray shirt, cardigan, boots  floral infinity scarf

and it looked so comfortable and cute

so i rushed to old navy and target on lunch and promptly gave them my dollars.

chambray shirt from old navy - on sale for $22
boyfriend sweater from target - on sale for $15

scarf, boots, leggings - all hiding in my closet

and this morning's weather definitely called for some long socks!  brr!

4.  after a big post earlier this week about weight loss and eating habits

i ate this for breakfast.  and i don't hate one bit of that.

5.  i think we may luck out on a nice weekend...FINALLY!  so i'm loading up on all things fall tomorrow - pumpkin patch, carving, bourbon distillery, wine tasting, anniversary dinner ..woop!

hopefully your weekend is starting on the right foot - and if you are celebrating halloween this weekend, please be safe and responsible.

happy haunting!


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