Oct 17, 2013

knitter for hire

i feel so behind

i'm so glad i don't travel often for work

not only do i feel behind on work

but i feel behind on running, housework, tv shows, life with my husband etc

i think all the running around had my body feeling sluggish too - i got back late monday night, and i went to the grocery tuesday and picked up just about every vegetable and fruit kroger offered

peppers and hummus for lunch yesterday is on the menu again today

and breakfasts have been honeycrisp apples (found on sale this week for a steal!) with some PB2 (dehydrated peanut butter)

so while my running hasn't been anything to write home about - i've been able to keep in check with eating - and i believe i'm still losing weight - as i shimmied into some pants this morning that i haven't worn in 2 years.  and a medium top! (still slightly fitted, but no back fat - whoop!)

(a picture i took in the hotel this past weekend when i was seeing the progress i had made)

feels good!

traveling did leave me with lots of time to read - i finished gone girl on the 5 hours in flight back to louisville

and i was enthralled the whole time.  not giving anything away - but check out amazon, read the first few pages, and i guarantee you'll be purchasing it too

the cooler temps has also meant - fleece pj time - and KNITTING!

i'm making this blanket for baby H due in February, and i'm almost done.

i posted this picture last night on facebook and was overwhelmed with the comments.  i would love to knit a few more of these up for everyone expecting a baby!

i've had a couple of specific requests, so my plan is to knit up a blanket, offer to those individuals first, and if they change their mind, list them on facebook/instagram to sell. (rachel ottman or @rachelottman)

i would hate to promise people a blanket, especially if i get busy and can't work on them, so i thought my best bet would be to knit them first and then offer them up

for your information : the baby blankets are 100% cotton so they will be able to be washed and loved on for a long time

right now i'm guesstimating the finished size will be slightly larger than 30"x36" as knitting grows a bit once washed and laid flat to dry. (i will lay this one out and measure and take pictures for reference)

i'm also slightly limited on yarn choices right now, at least until i can order other yarn.  if i were to order a variety of colors - it would affect the price of my blankets as specialty yarn carries a heftier price tag than those found at Michael's/Joann's

SO - when i do list the blankets, I am asking $45 dollars for them using the cotton yarn i am using now (price would change as yarn price changes)

once i see how the initial few go, i would love to take on requests - knowing it takes me about a week to knit one of these up - working in my spare time.

for now, if you are at all interested - send me a facebook message or email me at lovelaughwag@gmail.com and let me know what color combinations you would be interested in seeing (i could do as little as two colors and up to as many as you would like)

this way i can gauge interest and order yarn if needed.

ok, so we're all caught up now, right?  good.

have a great rest of the week!


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