Oct 4, 2013

5 on friday!

happy friday

i've been going strong for like 2 weeks now of straight work

i didn't really get last weekend off with traveling

so i am more than ready to be home this weekend

let's go ahead with the list of 5 things on friday

1.  as i just said - i'm HOME this weekend.  how great is that?  i miss bill and being able to go do things on the weekend.  we've got a few plans lined up this weekend as long as the rain doesn't chase us indoors - 1 being the st james court art show

TITLE: St. James Court Art Show

one of my most favorite things to do in louisville - beer & wine garden, food vendors, old louisville, and several blocks of artists from all over displaying and selling their art.  most of which is out of my price range.  but i usually try to find a piece of pottery.

and 2 - one of my good friends is having her gender reveal party!  she's the first of my friends that i see on a regular basis to have a baby so i'm really excited.

2.  reading!  i mentioned the other day i was in the middle of THE CUTTING SEASON by attica locke

well i finished it that night, and loved it so much.  it was a quick read full of mystery.  i'm going back and forth on what to read next - either gone girl or birth rites.  both seem quite edgy and scary.  i couldn't decide which to read, so i checked the young adults section of amazon and downloaded Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs - i figure it will be a quick read, but also mysterious enough for the month of october!

3.  selfish knitting/sewing.  i feel like a i have a ton of projects earmarked as gifts.  but i always get in this "nobody wants something i made" hole.  and never actually make things for people.  soooo.  i'm just going to make for myself.  ha.  i need to photograph the skirt i sewed - of me actually wearing it!  for my first ever real sewing pattern, i'm pretty impressed with my skilllllz.  

on my to make list - i have a knit cardigan, a pair of the pants that also came with my skirt pattern, and this tunic from sew liberated

Photo of Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic sewing pattern for women.
i just ordered the fabric to make this tunic - so hopefully in a week i can begin work!

4.  i thought i was ready for fall nail polish colors

so i picked up this smokin' hot color - a dusty purple

and now i feel slightly goth.  like goth chic.

5.  there's a $10 off coupon for bath and body works

so that means bill and i will probably be stocking up on soaps and/or candles this weekend.

and bonus

pictures of my fur babies

this is the gurrrrl.  aka olivia.  she's cross-eyed.

and this is the baby boy


he generally lays around looking pitiful

have a happy weekend!

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