Apr 10, 2013

i'm compulsive

truly compulsive

last night i was drinking a glass of lemonade

maybe because it was 70+ degrees out

maybe because i gave up coffee (!) (it was easier than i thought, and i'm not giving it up forever, just going through a period to ween myself off the caffeine)

maybe it's because i'm slowly backing away from soda too (yeah, not forever, and i've still snuck in a coke or two, but my daily afternoon fix as of late has not been happening)

and more than likely it's because water starts to get really boring after chugging it all day.

the thought of lemonade just sounded so good last weekend that i bought some country time mix - i remember that being a staple growing up

and perhaps as a child it's sugary powdered tartness tasted delicious

but as an adult, it tastes like...sugary powdered tartness.  not like real, sour, lightly sweet lemonade.

so...i went on amazon and bought a juicer

damn you amazon instant prime!  seriously - free 2 day shipping? it's the instant gratification i need and a little box waiting for me on my doorstep!  whoop!

so i guess my plan is going to try and make my own lemonade?  and orange juice?  grapefruit juice too?

i'll let you know how that works out this weekend...

and also, this is the first attachment i've bought for my mixer - hopefully i don't break the whole dang thing.

anyone got any good recipes?


  1. Those attachments are super easy to use! I didn't know they had a juicer one though!

  2. most of the attachments are too expensive so i've never bought them :( but this one was ~$25 (which compared to actual juicers was about average) my only other attachment I want is the ice cream mixer!