Sep 24, 2012

weekend update

happy monday

this week is a short office week for me

i'm headed to lovely scranton pa for a physical inventory at one of our plants.

i've never actually been to our scranton plant and there's no direct flights into the area so it's going to be a travel heavy week.

but let's back up and relive the glorious weekend.

bill and i really didn't do anything "fun" this weekend, but we did get some household chores accomplished.

while bill was at work i went to sherwin williams and narrowed down some new wall colors

conservative grey all over the kitchen and living room and peacock plume for an accent behind the tv.

i had picked up several grey/browns but when i brought them home i felt like they were blending too much with the couch - a current problem we have and i'm ready to rectify.

it's also really hard to pick the perfect blue.  i first felt this blue would be versatile, and then i read the name and i knew it was meant to be

i mean -


bill was ready to get started saturday, but i told him we could  tackle it after the wedding. 

i kind of have a feeling we might paint the accent wall sooner though.

we spent sunday morning cleaning off the patio and getting rid of my tomato and pepper plants - so long summer!

and helllllloooo fall

these were the most gorgeous burnt orange color

we ran our errands (grocery shopped)

picked up much needed sushi snack from krogers

and headed home to watch the rest of the football games.

decorated the patio - i need to find a better home for my aloe/hens and chickens pot - woodford keeps eating the hens and chickens!  and i'm assuming the cold weather might hurt the aloe?  anyone know anything about that?

fall is so pretty.

and tasty.

edy's pumpkin slow churned is out in stores and it is delicious!  ate while watching new orleans lose - which meant i won my survivor league at work! (i had the bills this week).  bill also won his survivor league - which means extra spending money in key west!  whoop!

and then i started feeling all inspired.

actually i was inspired earlier in the day while out at michaels.  the need to find something fall-ish to hang from the over the tv curtain rod became a daunting task -

when bill finally said "just make something" - it was on!

mid- process - and drying - i went through a couple background changes....

to where we stand now.

i'm still not satisfied with the lettering...perhaps some googling will lead me to a better method.

and i need to touch up the stem, outline the pumpkin...and add some swirlies to the background.

annnnnd add some ribbon to hang from.

is it weird to display your own art in your home after the age of 10? - especially if it's bad?

whatever.  i'm going with the "homey" look.


  1. I suck at painting letters. I just buy scrapbook stickers.

  2. good call! i was using a sharpie paint pen - but it wasn't a thick enough tip and trying to trace back over was so not working