Sep 26, 2012


Hi from the road!

I made it to Scranton, pa with ease.

I'll be in one of our plants tomorrow to help them get ready for a physical inventory this weekend.

I'm pretty bummed to be away from bill for this long - thank goodness for texting!

Bill is the best and just as impatient as I am when it comes to instant gratification.

After talking about paint colors bill decided to just go ahead and knock out our splash wall.

I came home to this

I tell you, there's not a lot of things sexier than this:

I really thought painting those tall ceilings would be harder than it actually was....I mean I didn't paint it, but bill made it look easy :)

I've tried to capture the true color of the wall which is sherwin Williams "peacock plume" but it's really hard to do...

You can see the paint swatch and it reflects a lot more green in person than the pictures are showing

i can't wait to start painting the rest of the living room and kitchen as well as the bathroom off the living room and spare bedroom

and since i'm by my lonesome i guess i can start researching colors.

goodnight ya'll!

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