Sep 4, 2012

tuesday ramblings

so even though i had to work yesterday morning

that didn't stop me from enjoying the rest of my day

i was home by eleven am, and i slightly re-did my pony tail to give the appearance of "cleaning up" before heading to lunch.

i still look quite messy.

but it was good enough for mellow mushroom

louisville finally has a mellow mushroom!

and we're getting 2!

you can never have too many pizza options.

the local touches made ours feel so inviting.

bourbon barrels

and upside down steeple disco balls.

so cute.

we actually tried to stop in friday evening, but there was an hour wait, and we were meeting up with friends afterwards so we had to forgo the visit.

we happened to get there just in time yesterday and were seated right away.

serious hummus consumption took place.

mmm. their hummus was really good.

we waited pretty long for a small pizza and hoagie.  and the waitress only rang up half a hoagie instead of the whole - which ended up being a blessing since half was plenty.  the hoagie wasn't that great though - and clearly i should have stuck with the pizza.

bill ordered cheese and green olive - gross.  but i did try a bite minus the green olives and it was very tasty!  when we left i noticed lots of empty tables and overheard there was an hour wait???  maybe they are understaffed? 

i love mellow mushroom, and i would say give this location a month or so before visiting to work out some of the issues.

some light shopping with zero purchases commenced afterwards, accompanied by some starbucks

 iced skinny caramel macchiato. yum.

and after about an hour of watching boy meets world and saved by the bell - hello day time tv - you're so awesome - we broke out the wii.

above our tv it still says spring.  i could never find something for summer so i said screw it and it's now almost fall...i WILL take this down tonight.  and put something fall inspired soon.  ugh.  happy spring!

i'm the wii champ.

i beat  bill in every sport we played except basketball.

go figure.

and last but not least

we finished up season 1 of the walking dead.

i hate blood and guts

but i've seemed to be able to look past that and really get into this show.

i'm also refusing to watch any new shows this fall after investing time to only have them cancelled :(

so i've heard all the hype of the walking dead, still didn't really want to watch, but we were bored and i gave in. 

in less than a weekend we finished up season 1.

season 2 looks to be several more episodes longer.

and i don't think i can wait for netflix to start airing season 2, so we'll just have to buy it.

hopefully we'll be able to wrap up season 2 before season 3 starts in - october?

we're not tv junkies but like having at least a show both bill and i can watch together, and this seems to fit the bill.

any other walking dead fans?  i totally googled what the cdc guy whispered to rick at the end of season 1, and from a brief scroll i think i might know.  will i find out in season 2???

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