Sep 17, 2012

weekend roundup

so my weekend started out like this

i was rear ended during rush hour on my way home.  i thought this was the only damage but upon further inspection my bumper is unclipped - if that makes sense

there were 3 cars involved - luckily for me i was the front car and the middle car took most of the hit - all parties involved were fine.

so now the hassle of dealing with ordering a police report and contacting the responsible party's insurance.

ugh.  i hate being a grown up.

i think i mentioned last week that i was having some blood work done, and in the process i found out i had a UTI.

the medicine i was put on came with a strict warning for no excessive exercise since there was chance for torn tendons...???

which meant the 9 or 18 miler downtown doubler i was going to attempt on sunday was out of the question.

again, i was bummed, but not running meant i got to bring this guy along while we cheered on daddy!

it's very difficult to pose with a brittany

out the door at 6:30 am!

the race was pretty small.  the majority of the runners looked to be running with their college cross country team.

woodford and i posted up

at this moment the sun was coming out from the clouds and woodford growled AT THE SUN. 
and waited for daddy to finish up.

and how do you celebrate running a race?

 you go hang out a the bourbon festival in bardstown, ky!

it was a cute festival. 

all the distilleries were hawking their gear

and each one had a little store set up that looked like the actual distillery.

a nice stage was set up and a blues band was on while we were there

and i don't know about you, but it's really hard to go to these things without buying something.

like a barrel your own bourbon kit.  this is either going to be the coolest thing ever.  or really really gross.

we need to buy the "white dog" to add to the brew.  i'll let you know if this actually works out.

besides the actual festival, i drug bill into a couple of shops on the square

and i'm really sad this flamingo didn't come home with me.  i may be making a special trip to go get him.

how cute would he be out on my patio for thanksgiving?

and because it was sunday, we watched some football.

i'm actually in a survivor league at work, and if you watch football, i'm sure you know the patriots were favored to win big.  so over half of my league chose them to win.  and over half my league are now OUT since the pats lost!

yay.  i really wanna win that money!

annnnnd also because it was sunday (from snapshot sunday)

check out woodford over there on the left.

some wii.

i hope you had a car accident free weekend!  did you go to any festivals?  are there any upcoming festivals you're excited to check out?


  1. John and I were at the Bourbon Festival. We loved that band and wanted to stay for more, but had to get back to the bebe. We should meet up there next year (we were kinda bored by ourselves hehe)!

  2. oh man! wish i had known!

    we obviously dont have any kids yet - but i think when we head off on our weddingmoon we'll be bored without the puppy to keep us busy so i can kind of imagine.