Sep 7, 2012

high 5 friday

i really like what sarah and devan got going on their blogs on friday

so i thought i would adopt my own high 5 friday!

so, shall we?

  1. nfl officially started this week.  and as much as i complain about my life revolving around football this time of year - i like that bill and i get to hangout and take it easy
  2. man my hair is looking extra dark.  note to self: semi permanent hair color runs a few shades darker than advertised. anywho - i'm high fiving because i actually dried and straightened my hair this morning.  it's getting so long!
  3. mmm starbucks, but no, check out my nails.  horrid.  bill has offered to take me to get my nails done tonight so they can be sparkly and pretty.
  4. this cat exists.  it makes my day.
  5. i don't know what's going on with my photo editor, but that says bachelorette party.  which is happening tomorrow night.  bill is having his as well.  i cannot wait.  there will be penis cake.
and that's everything from this week and coming weekend i am pumped about! 

high 5!

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