Sep 25, 2012

i made it!

as promised

here's what i've been creating this week:

sunday night my painting looked like this

and after working on it last night, it now looks like this:

i's not the finished socks.

i finished one and just haven't started on the second

i promise hopefully by the end of this week i'll have another "i made it" post with both socks to show you

i'll be traveling the rest of the week and flying is the perfect opportunity to knit!

anyways -the pumpkin painting -

my "style" of painting? is basically - slap some rough outline of image up on that canvas.

let it dry.

repaint over that image.

repaint again in desired color scheme

change direction and background color

paint sections white because that's easier to paint over top of

finally start to see something that resembles the image in head.

acrylics are so forgiving

i painted over the old lettering, re-did the stem, and then free-handed the new letters with a medium-thick flat paintbrush.

i like it.

bill wanted to know if i was going to outline the letters

no.  my hand is not steady enough to do that, but now all i can think is that it looks  messy un-outlined.

but for sanity's sake, i'm slapping some autumnal colored ribbon to this bad boy and putting it over my tv.

don't worry

i took the spring banner down.

like 3 weeks ago.


i'm hoping the pumpkin painting looks cute suspended from the curtain rod

i also wrapped the rod with some fall garland from michaels.

i'll take a photo of the finished masterpiece tonight in between packing and laundry.

it's the perfect day to head back home and crawl in bed while laundry washes, too

it's hard to tell with all the fluorescent lights glaring, but it's quite dark outside and stormy


my baby boy went to the vet this morning

bless his little heart

he was over due for his yearly shots, and seeing as he will be boarded at least for a few days while we're out of town, we had to make sure we got him in to the vet.

he's happy and healthy - a portly 40 lbs.  i cannot believe!  he was only 25 lbs when we got him from animal control - of course he was only about 6 months old too.

bill sent me pictures of woodford, and i guess it's been a long morning

i don't blame him.

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