Sep 14, 2012

high five friday

the funk is definitely not going to keep me from enjoying the fact that it's friday.  so here's a list of 5 things that's definitely putting me in a better mood:

fall is by far my favorite season

and my high 5's are really showcasing that this week.

  1. the gaslight festival.  probably one of the worst festivals i've ever been to.  but it's kind of the first fall-ish festival of the season which means better ones are on their way.  it's also the area bill grew up, and it's one of those things you just go to out of habit.
  2. now.  a great festival.  the bourbon festival.  if you didn't know.  our dog is named woodford.  enough said.
  3. and here's woodford.  i went back to my old blog, and about this time last year we took woodford on his first hike.  omg.  he was so tiny and his fur hadn't come in all the way yet.  he looks like nothing but limbs and right angles.  maybe we can take him on an anniversary hike this weekend
  4. it's 2 for 20 time again at bath and body works! they get me every time.  bill is totally the candle lover in the family, and there's nothing better than a fall scented candle.  i'll take 4.
  5. and let's not forget pumpkin spice latte's at starbucks.  i usually find it difficult to drink anything hot after 9 am unless it's absolutely freezing out - so my favorite way to enjoy the fall flavor is to get an iced coffee with the syrup added. yum!  i'll probably get one today on lunch since i'll be perusing the aisles of target.
and that's definitely my fall themed high 5 friday.

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