Sep 27, 2012

on the road!

i'm holed up in a conference room waiting to get this inventory under way.

yesterday was spent pretty much airport hopping.

we flew into charlotte and then hopped a plane to wilkes-barre/scranton.

we got in around 6 and wouldn't you know it

they were all out of mid size car rentals.


we are stuck with this bute

big whitey is helping us roll around in style.

i cracked up laughing when the guy at the rental counter said all they had left was a van.

for one, my boss is a hot rod loving, classic car owning, piston head.

and has sworn vengeance if her husband ever bought a van.

and for two, i don't know the area- never been here - so naturally my boss would be driving.

she's like maybe 5' tall

we were pretty sure we needed to stop and get some phone books so she could see over the steering wheel

we've made it around safely so far, though

and i guess we're a few weeks early for the leaves to be changing, but the mountains/hills are really beautiful

so one day down

just 3 more mornings of hotel breakfast

i cannot wait to be back home!

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