Sep 19, 2012

arg me matey

happy talk like a pirate day!

many cheesy jokes have been texted back and forth this morning to celebrate.

my pirate name is Hobblin' Marcy Smythe (feel free to let me know your pirate name in the comments)

in other news, i'm pretty sure i've posted at length about the fantabulous cooler weather we're having right now.

and fall officially starts on saturday!  which makes the fact that we put out all of our halloween/fall decor a tad bit more acceptable.

i may be alone in this, but i am somewhat excited about the days getting shorter too.

there's something about coming home and the sun already setting that seems to make it perfectly acceptable to craft and watch glee.

i go through this every year.

i love knitting.

and i want to love and learn to sew on my beautiful machine.

this is about the most i've made on my sewing machine:
 x2 - pretty awesome for me, but still i've had this machine for like 3 years.
but as soon as it warms up in the spring i forget about those activities and choose to enjoy the outdoors.

which means i start about 5 different projects

and complete like 1.

last year i knit a very beautiful scarf for a coworker - who wore it all winter.

i was proud.

but my grand plan of knitting scarves for family members fell by the wayside.

but not this year.

i feel like i've got the crafting bug early.

i pulled out my stash - which i need to photograph

and decided to use up some small skeins of cotton

and so i guess i thought i'd knit some footie socks

my desk is MESSY
and i'm about to turn the heel.

probably the most intimidating part of sock knitting for me.

i'm a self taught knitter from online and youtube, so if you're interested in knitting or sock knitting i suggest you do the same

no fancy patterns for this footie - just straight forward toe up socks (toe up socks are great especially for using up yarn stash - that way you don't run out of yarn from knitting too long of a leg/ankle)

i think maybe twice a week i'll start showcasing my progress - and feel free to share with me your projects too!  i love seeing others' WIP's (work in processes) to get my creative juices flowing.

so, wednesday sept 19th we've got a sock WIP.

i'm hoping by the end of the month i can show you both socks as FP (finished products)

what are you working on/already finished?

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