Sep 14, 2012

the funk

i've been mia this week

i haven't been feeling myself and i kind of haven't been feeling myself in awhile

so i went to the doctor yesterday

5 vials of blood and a urine test later

i scheduled another appointment for next week to see what might be causing my icky ness.

i unexpectedly found out on top of my body feeling out of whack i also have a UTI.


until i get more information and organize my thoughts i'm going to wait and share how i've been feeling.

i think it's important to recognize when something is "off" and not just blow off changes in our moods and bodies as normal.

which i am completely guilty of.

but i'm also tired of feeling "off" 85% of the time.

here's to finding answers and hoping nothing is seriously wrong.

my motto this weekend is to just relax and enjoy every minute of it.

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