Jan 30, 2014


i really had intended to post more often.

before becoming pregnant i loved sharing my exercise and healthy eats

and occasionally what i've been knitting and reading.

but lately i feel like the only things i have to say are

i feel great at X # of weeks!

i'm so sleepy

i haven't cooked in ages

i haven't even walked around the neighborhood once.

i kind of thought i would post more about pregnancy, but things have been going so well there's not much to report.  i also feel really silly about planning how i think birth will go or the decisions bill and i will make as parents when i don't have any experience.

i still plan on doing a few updates here and there, and gender reveal, nursery, home projects, etc

i also have a few things ready to knit (not to mention finish knitting)

so i'll be dropping in periodically - trying not to force anything - and only share when it seems right


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