Jan 6, 2014

the big freeze

someone please remind me of 0 degree weather when i'm complaining in july about the heat



late last week we were predicted to get 5-8" of snow

and then sometime saturday that changed to 1-3"

and then sunday it was almost 50 degrees out up until 9pm

and it rained all afternoon

and then the heat source said peace out and i woke up to 0 degree temps.

by golly if it's going to be 0 outside i need a foot of snow and no work today.


on the bright side, i got to enjoy a long weekend with bill

my weekend snapshots:

breakfast at wild eggs and a mimosa for bill.  my orange juice was straight up.

the cutest pink and green yarn shop in lexington - rebelle carries gorgeous yarns that are organized by room - helping me from feeling overwhelemd

shared brownie

 with an ale 8 - at berea coffee and tea
 the first and only baby item purchased.  my alma mater.

 what felt like the middle of nowhere

the reason we drove to the middle of nowhere - an early dinner!

and even though i was stuffed i just couldn't resist a molasses cookie.  please tell me your grandmother used to keep a box of archway molasses cookies in the cabinet.  these were like the exact replica of those cookies.  and i didn't share a single bite.

 the goodies i came away with from my yarn store tour.

 the shawl i began with the beautiful kauni yarn i purchased

and the progress i made over the weekend.  it should have been more.  ahem.  but i had to rip and start over once or twice.  and i'm terrified of doing 2 more rows of the loop (fringe) stitch with 300+ stitches...it takes forever!
 my knitting spectators. 
and the healthy breakfast bread i baked that included yogurt, lots of ground flax and whole wheat flour.  so of course it needed a healthy spread of butter.


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