Jan 24, 2014

15 weeks

i did it

i finally procrastinated so long on writing a weekly update i completely surpassed week 14


but here we are in week 15 now!

officially 2nd trimester and i am so excited.

why does the 1st trimester drone on and on - especially when you technically get to "skip" a whole month?

also, please excuse my sleepy face and poor lighting.  i keep swearing i will remember to take these pictures on the weekend when there is a bit of natural light shining in.

oh well.

speaking of sleepy face, i've been exhausted lately!

i hadn't felt this tired since weeks 5-7

and supposedly the 2nd trimester is supposed to be all this bounding energy and renewed well being.  maybe it's the cold weather, but i'm ready to go to bed at 9pm every night lately.  i also have been loving a nap on the weekends.
one thing i wish i would have done since finding out i was pregnant was to start a dream journal.  my dreams have been all over the place - from scary and frightening to oddly sensual.  even weirder i haven't remembered a single dream having to do with a baby.  one of the oddest dreams i had recently was a love affair i was starting with superman.  SUPERMAN.  i guess if i'm going to feel like sleeping all the time, it might as well be entertaining?

aside from odd sleep habits, i've been experiencing what i think is a bit of round ligament pain. it's not necessarily painful, but i notice it most at night when i go to change positions and i feel a strong tug near my pelvic area.

bill and i finally went and visited babies r us last weekend as well

we didn't buy anything or register (waiting until we find out the sex) but it was nice to just take in all the STUFF.

bill is convinced we don't need any of it, and while i do think there are a lot of random baby things we can do without, i'm going to have a tough time convincing him of why we need a "breastfriend" and boppy pillow.

all in all i'm feeling pretty great.

i've had a bout of extremely itchy dry skin and stuffy/runny/bloody nose - which can all be pregnancy related but are probably also not helped by the -5 degree temps.

i've got another 2 weeks before my next OB appointment and hopefully just another 3-4 weeks until we will get to find out the gender!


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