Jan 10, 2014

a list on friday

1. it doesn't look like much, but i've actually made a ton of progress on my shawl - finally passed the second "loops" row and there are 200+ stitches on my needles and continually growing

2. i actually cooked last night.  a recipe pinned on pinterest - a soup with italian sausage and noodles - broth and tomato based blended with white beans.  delicious.

3.  woodford is learning to read.
4.  i downloaded WILD by Cheryl Strayed

and aside from cooking last night, i haven't been able to stop reading it.  i predict finishing it this weekend.  very well written.  i cried for the first 30 pages.  big ugly tears too.

5.  i learned last night that my 10 year reunion will be held this summer.  this summer.  while i am 8-9 months pregnant.  dear Lord, let there be a/c.

6.  how has it been 10 years since graduation?  HOW?

7. who else is obsessed with the show justified?  i really need someone who is obsessed as i am with raylan to come forward.  you know. so we can start a fan club or something.

8.  that's about all i got.  so i'm ending with #8

have a good weekend!


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