Jan 2, 2014

2014 Day 2

happy 2014!

i've already wrote 2013 3 times on different items at work.

i give it another 2 weeks before '14 feels correct.

i spent the holiday at home in pajamas.

there really is no other way to spend new year's eve.  and you will never convince me otherwise.

sadly, bill worked nye and ny day - which kept the celebrating to a minimum.  we were in bed before 10 pm.

i plan on redeeming myself with friday off and a fun day trip planned!

bill and i are braving the cold air and heading down to my alma mater for a bit of shopping, eating, and wool buying.

i'm ready to knit a few special items and there are a couple of yarn shops on our way that i've strategically mapped into our trip :)

knits i'm itching to start

1. i'm in love with these little scallops and want to make one for all the little ones i know
2.  i purchased this pattern a few months ago, thinking it would be a challenge for me this winter.  now that i'm pregnant i'm not sure if i want to take it on - although the open design would make it a suitable maternity and post maternity wrap - i may be looking for yarn for this project soon!
3. i'm also loving this wrap and have wanted something more substantial than my lightweight scarves to dress up my outfits this winter.

what i'm reading
1. dear Sarah's new year's resolutions.  which reminded me i still need to post mine.
2. jenna's list of healthy recipes.  i read jenna's blog to feel uplifted.  and also for beautiful pictures of food and great recipes.
3.  lori's holiday update.  she always puts me in the mood to knit.  and move to california.

needing/wanting to post about my resolutions and week 12!

eep.  the new year already feels like it's getting away from me -

be back soon!

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