Feb 5, 2014

coffee, baby, and moose heads - oh my!

my first coffee in 4ish months.  glorious.  why did i wait so long?  coffee is a wonderful thing.  still trying to only allow myself one every once in awhile.

is the moose head creepy?  because i really want to buy it for the nursery.  i'm only slightly joking.  i kind of want this.

and of course, here's my growing belly.  it's probably the only time in my life i'm okay with my expanding waistline.  i head to the dr's tomorrow for a checkup and to hopefully schedule the anatomy scan!

i'm also starting to feel the pressure as time is starting to pass too quickly.  there is so much to do before bebe gets here - so i've started, at least, making a list of the items that i want.  this crib is exactly what i've been looking for.  i also perused consumer reports and instantly got overwhelmed.  if anyone has any insight on the eddie bauer strollers and carseats sold at target - i would love to hear it!  

and finally, i feel like winter will never end.  ice covered trees are beautiful, but only when you're in your pajamas drinking hot chocolate.  i was really hoping to stay home today, but alas, the roads were clear for driving.  again, someone remind me of this when i'm complaining about the heat and humidity this summer.


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