Dec 11, 2013

eats as of late

i had a minor victory last night

you see

i haven't felt like cooking for over 2 weeks

home cooked food sounds delicious, but then the idea of actually chopping, sauteing, mixing...

it all sounds repulsive.

bust last night i made meat sauce for noodles (2 lbs italian sausage + 2 jars sauce + bell pepper + onion +garlic cloves)

and then

by the time it was all ready

i was too tired to eat.

so i had a little debbie snack cake, orange juice, and some chips.


i would like to believe my pants are tight because my uterus is like twice the size as it was and there's a growing bean in there

but i've been eating like an 18 year old boy in college

pizza?  sounds delicious!

chicken nuggets?  i can't remember the last time i ate a nugget...but mmm!

the thought of vegetables disgusts me right now.

and i am a sworn veggie lover.

my only redeeming diet quality?

i am obsessed with clementines and honeycrisp apples.

and baby carrots

i can actually stomach the thought of those - but only if they are covered in ranch dressing.

who am i?

other cravings that have hit out of nowhere?

cold chocolate almond milk
cran-apple juice
meat...lots and lots of meat!

typically i would avoid juice and chocolate milk - sugary liquid calories

but now i'm trying to focus on the fact that there is at least some nutritional value in them both


i'm hoping in the coming weeks i can get my sweet tooth under control and find the energy to cook healthy meals.

until then - i stopped and picked up these

tis the season?


  1. IT IS A BOY! That is my guess. With my daughter all I wanted was salad, fruit, veggies (especially sauted onion and mushrooms), and yogurt. With Tripp, all I wanted was hamburgers and biscuits and gravy. The junkier, the better. I shockingly only gained four pounds more with him.

  2. it's so funny that you said biscuits and gravy. EVERY WEEKEND. mmm! I'm thinking boy too... :)