Dec 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

i'm back briefly to wish everyone a (late) merry christmas

i always find the lead up to christmas to be so exciting

and then the actual christmas celebration is over too quickly

and we are back to finishing out the year

and the depression of winter really sets in.

not to be a total bummer (i'm back at work today after a lonnnng weeked)

so a few highlights of my weekend

my new candy.  that really helped me through the festivities this year.

bill and i saw catching fire for my birthday present - we look pretty creepy.  it was a dark empty theater.
but ohmygosh.  i loved catching fire.  bill never got around to reading catching fire and thus hasn't read mockingjay - so i was having a horrible time not talking about how the next movie will play out!!! ugh!

i have also completely forgot how to shop for real food and meals.  nothing sounds good.  and everything is 100% impulse.  so there is cereal, juice, bagels, uncrustables??? (i have no idea why i bought those), and sausage biscuits.  oh...and marshmallow fluff.  because.

and finally

the big day!  actually, this was christmas eve which we spent at my in-laws.  lots of cute babies opening gifts.  i cannot wait to have a cute baby trying to eat the ribbon.  christmas day we spent with my family for most of the day and then visited bill's dad's extended family.

lots of people.  lots of food.  

and with that.  we start the new year's countdown!

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