Dec 13, 2013

friday post

happy friday!

we made it!

i'm so happy that this is my last full week of work for like 3 weeks.

which is good since i've done ZERO christmas shopping.

i feel so guilty - my mind has been all over the place

i had high hopes of knitting the past 2 months


i have no energy to knit and my bed time seems to hover around 9 pm

so no hand made items means time to get my retail butt in gear.

highlights this week include

bill in my UK snuggie and cuddling with my ariel pillow

making peanut butter balls (buckeyes) pre-chocolate dipping.

grocery shopping mid week because nothing sounds good until the moment hits.  and when the moment hits, momma wants sweet and spicy tuna in a wrap with juice to drink...or chocolate almond milk.  don't judge.

and a side of fritos and dip.

all food groups are represented, right?

i swear i eat lots of fruit right now too.  actual meals are just iffy.

funny story.  i never buy chips let alone dip.  that's bill's thing.  and typically he doesn't buy it either.  the mood struck, and i decided i wanted some dip.  i had NO IDEA where you found chip dip at in the store.  i literally walked around the chip aisle until i realized it was probably in the refrigerated section.  then i wondered around trying to figure out what the container looks like.  i was convinced it was near the cheeses because there was beer cheese and benedictine spread.  could not find it.  then i thought maybe there was an organic chip dip brand in kroger's organic/healthy section.  which is on the other side of the store. 

if they make it, it's not sold in that aisle.  walked back to the refrigerated section and ta-da.

it's next to the sour cream.

the struggle around here is real.

this weekend i am hosting our annual christmas sweater party - and i am really excited about cooking a few things!  (cooking hasn't been happening lately)

i am also slightly past years we would all get together, have a few cocktails, snack, head out to the bars wearing our christmas attire, and have a really fun night.

this year i'm planning a few games, preparing food, and mixing up a pregnancy punch.

it's about to get real middle aged around here.

have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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