Dec 9, 2013

sharing our excitement

i'm so glad i'm sharing my super good news with everyone


i've been absent from here - because, well, i write about my every day life and this has been all consuming since i found out!

so it's been tough to think of something to write about without cluing people in

of course, i think some may have figured it out by my recent facebook posts

but we were waiting until we had told our close family and friends in person before spilling the beans via social media.

i have a half dozen posts i've started - about how we found out, what i've been up to lately, how we told our friends and family

BUT - i'm going to save that for another day and just get the basics out of the way for now :)

i am about 8 weeks pregnant right now - due July 17th 2014

and while i know many wait until their 2nd trimester to let everyone know

i just couldn't wait

i also couldn't continue to freak out about "what if's"

about 2 days after finding out i was pregnant i went into full on panic mode - thinking for sure that the worse would happen to me


mainly because the internet is filled with scary stories.

so after my first ultrasound at 6 weeks i swore off reading anything else

there was my little rice spec at 6 weeks looking like it should.

and again at 8 weeks

(he's the little blob in the middle - with what i think is his ginormous head and little arm and leg buds?)

we heard the very LOUD and strong heart beat this time and the doctor was able to definitely say i was right on track with my predicted due date.

so knowing everything is normal and on track gave me lots of reassurance.

i also know writing is very therapeutic for me and i would be sharing mine and bill's journey anyways

so here goes, right?

aside from our due date:

Will we learn the gender? - Yes!  as soon as we can! my doctor and ultrasound tech said they can pack the ultrasound room with family if i wish!  Even though i find gender reveal parties very cute - i'm inviting a few close family members to be in the room with us to see the super high tech ultrasound machine and to see my baby!   the ultrasound tech informed me that for the older generation, this technology just wasn't around, and aside from being able to share in our excitement - they get to see the technology in action.  i will definitely update on here as soon as we know!

Morning sickness?  absolutely zero.  i'm actually feeling quite great (except for the fact that my pants are definitely tighter and i go to bed at 9 pm every night)

Other fun news?  one of my SIL is also pregnant! she's due mid June - making us 1 month apart - almost to the day!  this will be #2 for her, but it's really fun to compare symptoms, stories, and experiences as we go through them together right now.

i can't wait to share everything else and everything to come!  baby ottman will be taking over the blog for awhile, so i'm sorry in advance.  i hope you're excited to share in my journey too, and i would love to hear your stories as well - i have to know, like, 15 people who are expecting in 2014.  and for all those mommas out there who have been there and done that - i can't wait to pick your brain!

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