Dec 16, 2013

weekend celebrations

there are 8 days until christmas

i have bought 3 gift

i have wrapped 0 gifts

i'm starting to feel the pressure

luckily, i'm taking friday off this week to hopefully help achieve some holiday shopping miracles.

oh, and to celebrate my birthday!!

this past weekend was spent cooking a cleaning

and decorating!

for our christmas party with friends

our very festive sweater party

i've never felt more grandma-is than saturday.

we all stayed up much later than i'm used to and talked for hours.

i hope that our tradition never ends and we always have time to get together and do this- especially since we will all have little bebes come next christmas!!!

the rest of the weekend was pretty low-key

we celebrated my SILs birthday; the same SIL who is also pregnant (there's seriously something in the water)

and SILs and I went to old navy to try on maternity jeans

it was my first introduction to maternity wear

and while big stretchy waists are the best thing ever

i'm hoping i can wear my regular clothes for another month or so.

my waistbands are feeling a little snug these days though...

i'm also hoping i can find a few deals at consignment shops because those clothes were not cheap!

ok, i'm off to search the internet to see what i can still order online and have shipped before christmas


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