Dec 23, 2013

christmas nightmare

I thought I would re-post my favorite christmas post from last year...seriously neighbors...what are you thinking?

the fact that i'm shopping for my 4th tree

it should come as no surprise to you that i love christmas decorations

in fact, i love decorating for all seasons/holidays

as a child i loved, and still do, the houses with the most twinkling lights

as much as i think some decorations are kind of stupid - i mean what does an inflatable homer simpson have to do with christmas? - i still like to appreciate the effort, time, and money people have poured into decorating their homes.

but, while walking woodford this weekend i had to stop and quietly question some neighbors' decorations.


this large looming santa

during the holiday season, at what point do you stop having mini heart attacks as you sleepily make your way downstairs in the dark hallway?

as an outside observer on first glance it looks a bit menacing.  and then you realize it's santa.  peering down on you. and watching your every move.  he knows where you live.

less frightening is a house up the street

i like to refer to it as the zoo.

a whole menagerie of animals.

flipper wearing a santa hat just screams "yuletide spirit"

and what's more festive than

a cow...

and as innocent as both of these houses seem, i saved my most disturbing/favorite?  for last...

be prepared to have nightmares

shield young one's eyes

this is some scary stuff we're dealing with

let's first start with

creepy santa.  again, life sized santa peering out the window.

i'm sorry, but all the stories i was told as a child involved santa checking in on me.  not living in my neighbor's house looking like a pedifile.

and is this a new trend for every house to have their own santa?  is it like the mega version of elf on the shelf?

if so, this santa doesn't play around

why you ask?

santa wanted to send a clear message to whomever lives here

this is some santa/mob shit right here.

good luck getting any sleep this season!

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