Dec 20, 2013

10 weeks vs 28 years

happy 10 weeks to baby ottman!

and happy 28 years to me today!

baby ottman is as big as a kumquat (or prune) this week!  he is also in the fetal stage - no longer a squishy embryo

and i'm feeling as big as a house.

i'm sure it has nothing to do with my recent cravings of frito corn chips and chocolate almond milk



i'm also going to confidently say i am 100% morning sickness free.  i kept waiting for it to start, but being this close to the 2nd trimester with zero queasiness, i think it's safe to safe the morning sickness skipped me completely.

food cravings are in full force, though.  i'm not sure i exactly understood food cravings before getting pregnant.  and i'm sure they're different for everyone. but i just assumed i would crave pickles and peanut butter sandwiches and that's all i would want for 9 months.  for me, however, i get my mind set on something...

a frosty for example...

and i can't fathom eating anything else.  and i HAVE to go to wendy's on lunch to satisfy the craving.  and typically, once that craving is met i don't really want it again.

but fritos and chocolate milk was born out of nothing else sounding good.  we had fritos in the house...and i was craving chocolate milk...and thus the weirdest thing i think i've ever combined was born.

and i've ate the combination a few times this past week for dinner.

other than cravings

i can tell this past week was a huge growth spurt for little bean

i've been feeling all sorts of pinches and tugs along my pelvic/hip area

with so few strong pregnancy symptoms, it's nice to have those little pinches and tugs as a reminder that my body is doing something amazing inside there.


here's a look at what baby ottman is up to this week

Your baby (now the size of a prune) has small indentations on his legs (soon to be knees and ankles!), and his tiny arms even have elbows that bend (how is that for magical?). Inside that little mouth, tiny buds of baby teeth are forming under the gums. His stomach and kidneys are kicking into gear, producing digestive juices and urine, and if it's a boy, his testes are making testosterone (how manly!).

i'm still constantly amazed that our bodies can do this.

my now 28 year old body.

i'm feeling great and constantly thinking to next year at this time

i've shied away from exercise lately.  partly because i'm exhausted at all hours of the day and partly because i'm scared to move and run like i used to.  i know it's silly, but i told myself after i made it out of the first trimester, and everything checked out healthy at my next OB appointment (Jan 8th) i would start a few different exercises.  any video recommendations or any classes in the louisville area that i should try?  let me know.

for my 28th birthday i'm celebrating by getting my bumper fixed...that was rear ended over a year ago.  procrastinate much?

i also plan on buying everyone christmas gifts.  the joy of a december birthday!

i also need to pick up more prenatal vitamins.  no birthday shots this year!



i hope to squeeze in a manicure and pedicure.  because my nails are growing like weeds and are as hard as rocks when i try to cut them myself.


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  1. I did this workout with my 2nd pregnancy and I really enjoyed it (she has 3 or 4 different videos and I would alternate which ones I would do each day). I really like the videos but the instructor is like PERFECT and in her 37th week and SO skinny, so be prepared for that (I was always so jealous, lol). When I was pregnant with Amelia I was scared that I would hurt her if I moved too much during my first trimester, but dont worry it doesnt work like that! Congratulations and I cant wait to find out if youre having a boy or girl!