Apr 21, 2014

nursery progress and installing floors!

so i kind of hoped to have a bit more accomplished in the nursery by today

but since i didn't really have to do any of the grunt work - i'm not going to complain!

my awesome husband and brother-in-law signed up to run the derby half marathon this past weekend.  and for weeks all i heard about was bill "maybe going on a three mile run."  he finished a few 3 milers, but i think that was his longest distance.  but dangit if he didn't finish the half in 2hrs 30ish mins.

because he was so under trained, i threw a couple hissy fits about my floors being done this weekend, and that i didn't want to hear about him being too sore to do them.

without ever complaining about being sore or too tired once, the floors went down!  so i think we'll blame my hissy fit on the hormones and i will eat my words, because i am really pleased with their hard work!

the floors were ordered a couple of weeks ago from lumber liquidators, and i went to pick them up last week.  because we were installing over a concrete subfloor, we had to lay down a moisture barrier- basically plastic sheets.

we went with laminate - click lock floating floors

and while i didn't help, it looked pretty easy to install.  the major hold ups were the two doors and two closets in this room - lots of cutting!  but i think once we decide to install this floor into the living room, the process will go much quicker since there will be less jigsaw pieces.

another hold up the boys ran into - all the baseboards were glued down! so our choices were to possibly crack and break the baseboards as well as possibly need to patch drywall and/or have to buy new baseboards (which would be a continuing problem once we run the floors to the rest of the house) or butt the floors up to the baseboards and risk losing a millimeter or 2 of baseboard height.

the easiest solutions to me, was to butt the flooring up to the baseboards (as opposed to the walls).

i think once we get the quarter round down, you won't be able to tell/i don't care enough to maximize baseboard height.

we were able to move a few pieces of furniture in so i could see how the room was coming together and also to declutter our living room which has become ground zero for tools, supplies, and extra furniture.

i wanted to get some good pictures of the flooring + wall color.

lots of items still waiting to find a home/find their way to a yardsale.  we still need to paint, cut, and nail quarter round + install transitional pieces - all of which we ordered and have on hand.  i'm hoping those tasks will go a lot quicker and we can knock them out this weekend.  i was also hoping to have the curtain rod up - but the boys worked until 10 pm saturday night and it just felt cruel to ask for anything else to get done.

woodford has been a total trooper this whole time.  i was slightly worried how he would do with the moving and changing of everything, but he seems to love the new floors - probably because they're nice and cool.  the cat, on the other hand, wouldn't step paw into the room.

well, not until bill sent me this picture.  olivia + woodford both bird watching and in the nursery.  they rarely hang out like this - usually only when they're both exhausted.  i have a feeling they're going to get a lot closer once there's a toddler walking around.

i'm excited to have the major components of the room done/nearly done.  now i can go shop for fun accessories!

more progress to come!


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