Apr 23, 2013

goodbye iphone

i got a new phone!

i said goodbye to my iphone 4 sunday

it wasn't planned, really.

i had thought about a new phone -i was slightly over my iphone - i had screen envy of the other phones, mine was only a 8gb and i had to constantly delete pictures so i could even update my phone

i was starting to not even utilize my phone because it was a pain.

so while we were at the mall sunday, we strolled by the best buy mobile store.

they had a deal on the samsung galaxy s3 for $75 with a new 2 year contract. 

i knew they also took trade-ins, so to be curious, i went in and asked how much my phone was worth,

he quoted me $105

which is about the same as i paid for it, which is nice, but my SILs recently traded theirs in for the iphone 5 and got $150.

not sure why there was a difference, but i decided since i was getting a discounted S3, it all worked out in the end.

so i traded my phone in, upgraded to the the galaxy, and spent the rest of my trade in value on a car charger, screen protector, and case!

i love the brighter, bigger screen!

i've spent the past couple of days taking pictures with it

excuse the messy floor - woodford never picks up after himself.

my point -n- shoot does panoramic shots too, but i love having the option on my phone.

my favorite test subject poses sometimes

just kidding - he's waiting for my phone to catch the sunlight and cast a light reflection on the wall so he can go batshit crazy.

which eventually wears him out...

are you phone loyal?  or do you like switching it up?


  1. Who is your carrier? I think I am switching to a Samsung Galaxy as well. I haven't been able to update my phone in forever because of the pictures and videos! Did you trade in a 4 or 4s?

  2. I have at&t - but the deal best buy mobile was running was for any carrier with a new 2 year contract

    I had an iphone 4